Our Family

The Crew


Director and Cameraman


Filming Halcyon River Diaries was not easy. We needed a small crew so we didn’t disturb the wildlife. This meant that we had a lot of work to do to get footage of all the animals and us. Luckily we all got on well and kept smiling, even when we were working long hours - several days and nights in a row sometimes.

There is a saying ‘never work with children or animals’. We did both at the same time. It wasn’t always easy; in fact most of the time it was complete chaos.

Richard is an old friend of the family and was our first choice to make the series with - he’s very relaxed with the mayhem, good at telling us what to do and always gets great shots.

Stephen is Charlie’s younger brother. It was great for the boys to spend so much time with their uncle and Stephen managed to get great sound despite all the screaming and shouting of three crazy boys.

Ian is as tuned into nature as they come. He loves rivers with a passion and was perfect choice for the job of Field Assistant as he knows a lot about the animals along the banks. He’s particularly keen on kingfishers (actually he’s completely mad on them just like Charlie. In fact the two of them never stop talking about kingfishers!)


Filming Halcyon River Diaries