Welcome to our site. We hope you enjoyed Halcyon River Diaries on BBC One. It was very interesting making it and we learnt a lot about the animals on the river - and each other!

As a family we’re all mad about wildlife and try to spend as much of our time as we can outside watching it. We’re really lucky to live in such a great spot, right next to a small river; so we get to watch the daily comings and goings of all our wild neighbours. There are a few animals that we are particularly fond of  - otters, kingfishers, ducks, dippers and moorhens are at the top of our list - (Kingfisher’s are Charlie’s favourite while Philippa has a particular passion for water voles) The boys love them all but otters are always the most exciting to see.

Our aim is to try and inspire people about the wildlife that lives all around them and prove that it can be just as interesting as wildlife anywhere else in the world .

Charlie & Philippa

Latest news
Halcyon River Diaries out on DVD
17th January! 

Series 1 plus some extras including 
image gallery and hilarious out takes.

Get Out’ Philippa’s latest book for 
kids is out now

Check out Charlie’s latest wildlife 

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We’ve written a book to accompany the series, which is

out now. Rather than just repeating the series in the book

we’ve put loads of extra stuff in - how to film an otter, how to spot a kingfisher, how to photograph dragonflies, etc. There are riverside

recipes, top ten locations to see various animals - otters, water voles, kingfishers and lots more. We’ve put some of our best pictures into it too so it won’t look half bad on the coffee table.

Published by Preface

It’s in the shops now or you can buy direct from amazon